Updates Installed on May 1, 2020

Version 2.47

New Style – The entire site has been updated to the new style. 

System Administration

  • Updates to Canvas Export
  • OPALS sFTP Option
  • Add admin notification on forgot password requests (Requested by NTS)
  • Add sent to email on user creation emails to admin (Requested by NTS)
  • Export to moodle – create/remove access to those with access to instructor terms in GNECsis
  • Bug Fixes
    • AD New Uer Email to check personal email first
    • Fix XSS Vulnerability on Login pages
    • Error on Automated URLS
    • OpenLDAP


  • Bug Fixes
    • Campus ID generation
    • Classification Rule (Reported by NTC-Manchester)


  • More flexible options for access to Instructor Portal by other employees – This has been completely rewritten so you will want to review. 
    • Access end date – controls the employees ability to sign in and access the advisor section
    • Access Terms – controls the terms the employee can access within classes (for grades, attendance, etc) and final exams.  If these are set and moodle is used, will also create/remove access within moodle
  • Add Historic ID as searchable field on Student
  • Add optional PIN to Permissions area (Requested by NTS)
  • New Transcript (NTC-SA Only)
  • Degree Audit Screen Revisions
  • Bulk Updates – Cohort, New Degree Track, and Degree Track Switch
  • Display proposed registrations on class roster on Class page (Requested by APNTS)
  • Display Person Categories on Student page
  • Survey – Result Report Options (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Security Permission Bug on Add Person
    • FERPA/Buckly Permission error on add (Reported by NTS)
    • Standard Schedule flexible time format
    • Alien Registration Number size increased to 20 (Reported by NTC-Manchester)
    • Degree Tracks – Required Group
    • Transfer/Waiver
    • Degree Audit Return
    • People – government id change wiped out sometimes
    • Graduation – Graduation Date set up error

Human Resources

  • Reduce Required Fields on Employee (Requested by APNTS)- Hire Date, Date of Birth, and Effective Begin Date are no longer required.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Positions Error (Reported by APNTS)
    • Health Tracks Error (Reported by APNTS)

Student Life

  • Bug Fixes
    • Building Details


  • Bug Fixes
    • Alumni Church Rep

Student Accounts

  • Billing By Class Enhancement
  • Link to Student Account on Transaction Search (Requested by NTS)
  • Transaction Rule Detail Enhancement (Requested by NTS) - Advanced rules will create a trace log of how it generated the charges from the rules. Also the actual transactions will show the specific rules that generated the charge.
  • Bug Fixes
    • DMIN not marked as Graduates on 1098T (reported by NTS) – Show As Graduate On 1098 flag has been added to the College Detail page
    • Transaction Source Language Fixes

Financial Aid

  • Bug Fixes
    • ISIR issue

Advanced Query

  • Form Document Merge Integration
  • School Specific Reports Enhancements
  • Email Options
  • Bug Fixes
    • Error on Action
    • Recurring Contact List
    • Financial Aid – Error on Save
    • School Specific Reports

Version 2.46


  • Additional Info for Transcript on Student Degree Tracks, allows a note field to be specified on a students degree track that will show on transcript (Requested by NTS)
  • Added a “Class is Audit” flag to Course and Class.  This will automatically enroll all students in that class as an audit.  (Email Request by LKH)
  • Make Instructor Grade Note editable by Registrar (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
  • Send Email to Registrar when Proposed Schedule Submitted, must be turned on in System Administration > Host (Requested by APNTS)


  • Prospect Entry Classification mapping to Student Classification (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
    • Added Classification Rules to Admissions > Administration
    • Automcatically checks this list first when setting student classification.  If not used, old rules apply

Financial Aid

  • SAP Analysis Error (Bug Fix)
  • Disbursement Error (Bug Fix)
  • Estimated Disbursement Date Update (Bug Fix)

Student Accounts

  • Make Search Results Sortable
  • Contact History Records being lost (Bug Fix Requested by NTS)
    • Discovered that when contact history records are manually added in Student Accounts > History, it was removing the student id from all previous contact history records for that student. 
  • Billing Source – show additional information about who added a transaction and how it was done
    • All future transactions will show user name + “ – “ + one of the following options
      • Cashier
      • Import
      • Student Portal
      • Manual Transaction
      • Financial Aid
      • Bulk Update
      • Billing Rules


  • Enrolled Student – Separate out Address Columns (Requested by NTS)
  • Student List – Separate out Address Columns (Requested by NTS)
  • New Student GPA for Term/One Per Page Report (Requested by NTC-Manchester)

Custom Queries

  • Unselect all items by default, only select ones that you want to include.  This will make them run faster (Bug Fix)
  • Increase limit on number of records
  • Enrollment Query
    • Add Student Category filter (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
    • Bug fix on directory restrictions, ipeds, and selection criteria (Bug Fix)
    • Add Government ID (Requested by NTS)
    • Add Address Columns (Requested by NTS)
  • People Query
    • Add People Categories (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
    • Add Address Columns (Requested by NTS)
  • Prospect Query
    • Add Prospect Categories (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
    • Add Address Columns (Requested by NTS)

Advanced Queries

  • Various Updates

Other – Error on Prospect Portal Class and Schedule Links (Bug Fix)