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Add admin notification of self-service password reset

For security and auditing purposes, it would be helpful to be notified when a user resets her/his pw via the password reset. This should include the users name/username and method (person, school, etc.) but not the password. 

This email should be triggered when a reset occurs. I am undecided, but I am not sure if it should also be sent by the initial request as well. There may be a case for both but I definitely would like notification of an actual reset.

Including the user's role within Genesis may be helpful as well. i.e. email notes if the user is a student, faculty, staff, admin, etc. This would help raise flags for faculty and admin changes. ex: if someone was trying to break in and change a grade. I don't think that would be an NTS problem, but I can see it being helpful for undergrad etc where the students are not all ministry minded.

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Requested enhancement

It is very reasonable.  I think it would also be nice to have a System Admin log of the same information. I have added it to the list of feature requests.


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There will be two new fields in Host.  

1.  Admin Email on Password Reset. If this has an email in it (only one allowed) then it will send the email to this individual on any password resets that are done in the system (whether from password reset link or from within the portals). 

2.   Information Technology under the "Email Sender Address by Functional Area". This will be the from email if it is defined going to the administrator.

The email going out looks similar to below:

The following user's password was reset:

Name: Smith, John A
Username: jsmith
Login Roles: Student

This is in version 2.47, which is the next version to be installed.



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