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Link to students account when I run a transaction search


Is it possible to add a link to the students account when I run a transaction search in billing, transaction search.  This would be of great benefit especially when running the search on a monthly basis to confirm that all credit card charges are applied to the students account.  In the last couple of months we have had a couple of times that the credit card fees were not applied to the students account so each month I run a transaction search on credit card transaction and currently I have to print the list and then pull up the student.  The addition of the link would allow me to quickly go through the list,

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Contact list or direct click

This would be a excellent enhancement to help with this workflow.

I have added it to the feature request list.


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This has been updated and

This has been updated and will be included in the next release, version 2.47, which will be installed soon.

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