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Specializations for MATL


One of our degree programs has a specialization option for students, and is unique to each student. It needs to display on both their transcript and diploma. We need a field to enable us to see their specialization that would show up on reports so that we know which specialization they are pursuing. My thought is to place this field either in their "Majors/Minors and Audits" when you click on the "update" button OR in their "degree candidacy". We don't want to create tracks or degrees from these specializations since they will vary from student to student.

I've uploaded a screen shot of the "majors, minors, and audits" section once you click on the "update" button in edit mode. We were thinking that if the specialization field is blank it will NOT appear on their transcript. However, if there is something in the field it would appear on their transcript as "Specialization:". OR if you could add a field called "Transcript Text Line" where we could type in information that would appear on their transcript (and if it was blank nothing would show up).

Thank you!


Megan Zirkle

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There is a lot to think about here. I will let you know what we can work out.


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New field "Additional Info on Transcript"

I added a field "Additional Info on Transcript" that will show in the student's degree track grid and is editable on the student's degree track detail page.  It will show on the top of the transcript in the section that shows the degrees.  This will be in version 2.46 which is the next version to be installed.

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