System Updates

Updates in Version 2.85v2

  • Admissions
    • Bug Fixes
      • Application Evaluation - Exam Results hide subjects with no courses, fix save issue.
    • Additional Features
      • Application Settings - add optional section for each custom attribute to allow display in each section
      • Application Evaluation 
        • Make multi-page to match online application (Requested by APNTS/SANU)
        • Add Section drop down to allow for easier evaluation - saves draft, does not validate

Potential Action Items

  • Student - New Proposed Schedule section.  If you don't use registration from the student portal or advisors, or if you don't want the registrar to update them for the student, this section can be turned off in System Administration > Group permissions.
  • Midterm Grades on Student Portal - if you use midterm grades and you wish for them to show on the student portal, you will need to go to System Administration > Host and turn this option on under Permissions