System Updates

  • General
    • Bug Fixes
      • Forgotten password process returns to error page (Reported by NTS)
      • Merge - Student and Employees forced to be Source Issue
      • Day of the Week Translation Bug (Reported by TNTC) 
      • Profile Picture resizing in left navigation (Reported by NTS)
      • OpenLDAP export error when no person record exists (Reported by NTC-Manchester)
    • New Features
      • Allow edit of Contact List name
      • Merge - add option to choose alumni record to keep if both are alumni
  • General
    • Bug Fixes
      • Timestamp - Fix incorrect date/time issues
      • Make Preferred Button - now shows next to each email address and not just the ones that are not preferred.  (Reported by NTS
      • Person Search Bug (Reported by NTS)
      • emailAddress break on AD sync (Reported by NTS)
      • Remove old sessions if user already logged in when arriving at login page 
      • Chinese characters on reports  (Reported by TNTC)