System Updates

Updates Installed May 29, 2018

  • Advisor Bulk Replacement – This enables you to replace one advisor with another advisor without having to change each one. (Academics > Administration > Reassign Advisees for Advisor)
  • State List in Administration sorted by Country (code) and then state.
  • Email registrar (email listed in host) when a professor submits grades

Updates Installed May 17, 2018

  • Number of Results on Search – I have added the display of the number of results returned on a search.  You will also see the number of results found in each of your saved contact lists.
  • Increase Maximum Results on Searches – Previously, the maximum results on a search was 200.  I have increased this to 400.
  • Increased Speed on Advance Searches

Updates Installed May 9, 2018

  • Campus Merge/Duplicate – Allows you to merge or duplicate campuses, in order to give better flexibility
  • New Permissions – In System Administration > Groups, there is now a third level of permissions that you can use.
    • Areas – Admissions, Academics, HR (Buttons on front page)
    • Sections – Within each area there are sections, such as in Academics, there is Students, Courses, Classes, Instructors, etc (navigation bar within each area)

Multiple Campuses/Sites

I just launched a new feature that was requested by our schools in South America, and it is now tested and available for you to use as well.

GNECsis allows you to set up multiple campuses.  If you offer classes in other locations other than the main campus, you can set them up as a campus location, and then assign buildings/rooms, standard schedules, classes, professors, prospects and students to that campus.  This will allow you to track enrollment, etc per campus.