System Updates

Updates Installed on October 30, 2018

  • Processing of Online Payments – This allows online payments to a student’s account or for an application fee for the online application. GNECsis works with First Data’s Payeezy Hosted Payment processor.  I am not sure which international markets it works with, but if you are interested, please investigate getting a merchant account set up with them.  Once this is set up, we can help you connect it to GNECsis.
  • Financial Aid Updates (US Only)
  • Report Updates
    • Add Ethnicity to Enrollment Report
    • Add Books to Class List Report

Updated Installed on September 14, 2018

  • Admissions Portal and Online Application – Since each school has a different application requesting different information, this will require some initial programming configuration. If you are interested in using this feature in the future, please email a copy of your application so that I can add the necessary fields that don’t already exist.  Features listed below
    • Online Application
    • Customized sections, text, and fields
    • Print Application option
    • Optional CAPTCHA to prevent spam

Updates Installed July 31, 2018

  • FERPA – Added FERPA information in to the staff portal, so that individuals know which of the student’s relatives can have access to the student’s information.  This is also updateable in the student portal for the student to update.  (US Schools Only)
  • Add clearinghouse fields to degree major and degree track (US Schools Only)

Updates Installed July 26, 2018

  • Add Host (school wide) level permissions – This will allow you to turn off non-required top level (home page) sections.    This can be done from System Administration > Host
    • Staff/admin portal – Student life, student accounts, constituency, development (not yet available), and financial aid (not yet available) may be turned off.  Admissions, academics, HR, and System Administration are required and may not be turned off school wide but may still be disabled for a given user group.

Updates Installed July 16, 2018

  • Add “instructor note to students” field on class in instructor portal.  Way for instructor to give any general notes about the class to students. Text field appears on student’s schedule.
  • Add “Scheduling Note” field for registrar to complete on class page.  This text field allows the registrar to make professors and students aware of any special scheduling issues for the class.  Will show on list of the instructor’s classes, list of student’s classes, list of available classes, and on the pre-registration page completed by students/instructors.