Updates Installed on February 6, 2020

Version 2.42


  • Add limit merge back to person, only allowed if both are only prospects


  • Start date/time and end date/time on attendance sessions (bug fix)
  • Student Surveys Not Submitting (bug fix)
  • Manually repeat class (bug fix)
  • Copy HESA data on Student Major Degree Track Switch (bug fix) – UK Specific
  • Student Search – Make “Include Completed Degree Tracks” the default.
  • Withdrawn Student Report – only freeze top row (bug fix)

Student Accounts

  • Add entry year to group update and search results
  • Group Update (bug fix)
  • 1098T Change N/A State to blank (bug fix)
  • Add Error Message to Posting if no transactions (bug fix)

System Administration

  • Merge (bug fixes)
  • Move “Find Duplicates” function to System Administration > Tools.
  • Bad link to tools from Person (bug fix)
  • Menus and Group Permissions – previously it was required that a person have access to the first subsection in an area in order to have access to any thing in that area.  It will now go to the first subsection in the area to which a person has access.


  • Query Enhancement (security and HESA)
  • Error with no selection on search page for group update or merge (bug fix)

Version 2.41 

  • Academics
    • Student Search – Add degree track list to results grid
    • Student Search –add checkbox to search include or exclude completed degrees
    • Proposed Schedule – Add additional options for students to list
  • Student Accounts
    • Bug Fix – 1098T error prevents file creation – US Specific
  • Constituency/Alumni – Converted to New Style
  • System Administration
    • Bug Fix – Error if value on picklist is longer than max length (this should fix new ones)
  • Student Portal
    • Bug Fix – remove text under plus symbol on Academic History page
    • Bug fix – move grade column to sooner in the grid to be easier to find on a tablet
  • Other
    • Bug Fix – Enter does not search by default on new search pages
    • Bug Fix – Forgotten Password Reset
    • Bug Fix – Forgotten password when no email defined
    • Bug Fix – Payment Type Reverting on Online Payments
    • Bug Fix – if selected value in a combo box from a picklist is too long show a nice error (this should help you to correct existing ones)
    • Bug Fix – Language Issue No Results Found not translating on grid