Updates Installed on February 24, 2020

Version 2.45

  • If address changes are restricted for employees, it is only for active employees (Request by NTS)
  • Remove Manually satisfied courses/groups when switching degree tracks (Request by APNTS)

Version 2.44


  • Add more characters to Expected Entry Year to allow for YYYY-YYYY format (Email Request by APNTS)


  • Extend Transfer Course Text Line on Transcript (Request by NTS)
  • Transfer Courses Do Not Count Toward GPA – Added setting in System Administration > Host to allow or disallow this (Request by NTS)
  • Student Degree Major/Track – allow a person to click on this in read only mode to see more info.
  • Report – Bug fix on Student GPA for Term PDF Report (Request by NTC-Manchester)
  • Adjust wording on Proposed Schedule acceptance email (Request by NTS)
  • Student Advanced Search by Leave of Absence (Request by NTC-Manchester)

Financial Aid

  • Payment Analysis – New Page in Financial Aid > Administration
  • Reversing Disbursements error (Request by NTS)

Student Accounts

  • Bill Format Update (Email Request From NTS)


  • Change Java Mail to not require restart when host settings change (Email Request by NTS)
  • Password reset field too large (Request by NTS)

Version 2.43

  • Admissions
    • Committee spelling (bug fix)
    • Requirement editing buttons (bug fix) (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
    • Increase field size of Enrollment Category (bug fix)
  • Financial Aid
    • Scholarship description (bug fix) (Requested by NTS)
  • Development
    • Add Posting of Deposits and printing report for integration with external system
    • Move Deposits and GL stuff to new GL section
  • Student Accounts
    • 1098T Formatting (Email from NTS)
    • Bulk Update – add option to add a transaction to selected students
  • Student Portal
    • Request Changes Degree Update (Bug fix)
  • General
    • People Search Results (requested by NTS)
  • Report – Add Most Recent Prior School to Enrolled Student Report (Requested by NTS)