Updates Installed on June 5, 2019


  • Standard Prior Courses – Allows you to enter standard prior courses for new prospective students.
  • Prospect – bug fix


  • Course – Add Learning Management System fields, default in to class on add
  • Survey – Language Conversion Updates
  • Student – Add Hide Contact Info field to Degree Candidacy page
  • Class – Class Grade Sheet, show AUDIT if it is an audit
  • Standard Prior Courses – Allows you to enter standard prior courses for students.
  • Person – Include Photo in merge, allow selection of photo
  • Continuing Education -
  • Email Professor and Student Accounts Email (new field in Host) when a student is deleted from or drops a class.
  • Transcript – Flexible Levels.  This allows you to make differing levels of transcripts. 
    • System Administration > Pick Lists > TranscriptRequestType – Add any new levels.  Update descriptions of existing ones
    • Academics > Administration > Colleges – Update Transcript Request Type on existing colleges and/or add new college for new transcript types
    • Academics > Administration > Degree Majors - Update any existing degree majors that are for new college.  If a major is for more than one college, you will need to add a new one for the new college
    • Academics > Administration > Degree Tracks - update degree tracks for majors that were updated/added. Verify each one is pointing to the new college and save it.
    • Academics > Courses – If you added a new college, update the courses to be in that college.  If a course is in more than one college, add cross listings.

Student Accounts

  • Billing - Create Contact lists from Aging report and financial hold analysis
  • Student – allow editing of billing term
  • Student – Add bulk update of contact history and category
  • Student - Move notes section to top area
  • Add transaction begin and end dates by semester.  This controls the dates for transaction search on student portal.  If there is a gap in days between semesters, transactions on these dates will not be included on student portal.
  • Aging List Tweaks

Financial Aid

  • Bug Fixes
  • Student – Add bulk update of contact history and category
  • Fix errors on advanced search
  • Bug fixes on award disbursements
  • ISiR Import bug fix
  • Disbursement updates
  • New Prospect section
  • SA/FA Distribution Analysis
  • Disbursement Detail Add Update button
  • Advanced Search C Code Not Resolved
  • Make SA Transactions Sortable
  • Third Term COA Selection

System Administration

  • Pick Lists – Allow editing of description on required values


  • Add option to create contact list for certain reports
  • Enrollment with Classes – Add course Number
  • Add ‘Hide Contact Info’ column to Enrolled Students, Student Degrees, and Enrolled Students with Classes

Student Portal

  • Account - last transaction/last payment bug fix
  • Account – add anticipated aid fields to header.  Show pending aid on bill
  • Account – set payment term to current term
  • Profile – fix bug in section headings
  • Account - Reorganize
  • Account - now goes off semester.  Defaults to current term SA.  Shows transactions between transaction begin and end dates from annual administration.

Faculty Portal

  • Student Directory, add ‘Hide Contact Info’ column
  • Instructor Grade Email – Add course number and term
  • Advisees – Add FERPA and Hide Contact Info section
  • Classes – Add ‘Hide Contact Info’ column to roster grid


  • Categories – Standardize the handling of categories.
  • HESA Updates (UK Only)
  • Primary Addresses – bug fix
  • Language Updates
  • ADA Updates (US)
  • Person Select – Remove error that pops up on loading
  • Maintenance Mode – This will allow you to put up a maintenance page on all pages.  See file under Help for more info
  • Contact List details – you can now click on the name of a contact list to see more details, such as who created it and when
  • Contact List Sharing