System Updates

Updates Installed on February 6, 2020

Version 2.42


  • Add limit merge back to person, only allowed if both are only prospects


  • Start date/time and end date/time on attendance sessions (bug fix)
  • Student Surveys Not Submitting (bug fix)
  • Manually repeat class (bug fix)
  • Copy HESA data on Student Major Degree Track Switch (bug fix) – UK Specific
  • Student Search – Make “Include Completed Degree Tracks” the default.
  • Withdrawn Student Report – only freeze top row (bug fix)

Student Accounts

Updates Installed on September 5, 2019

This update includes a few enhancements, but in general, the big things should be invisible.  We have upgraded the underlying system that GNECsis is built on, and while doing so, we went through and fixed a few related bugs (as well as a few unrelated bugs we found along the way).   Here are the other updates that are included: