System Updates

Potential Action Items

  • Student - New Proposed Schedule section.  If you don't use registration from the student portal or advisors, or if you don't want the registrar to update them for the student, this section can be turned off in System Administration > Group permissions.
  • Midterm Grades on Student Portal - if you use midterm grades and you wish for them to show on the student portal, you will need to go to System Administration > Host and turn this option on under Permissions


  • General
    • Bug Fix
      • Saving Contact List with Name Over 50 characters issue 
    • Additional Features
      • For each area, the Reports section has been renamed to Analysis.
      • Analysis (Formerly Reports) has been reorganized
        • General Reports - Formerly Reports
        • Custom Reports - Formerly School Custom Reports
        • General Queries - Formerly Custom Queries
        • Dashboard
  • Admissions
    • Bug Fixes
    • Admissions
      • Additional Features
        • Under Age Alert - If under age value and automatic emails and alert is set up in System Administration > Host, you will be alerted if the new prospective student being added is under age. (Requested by EuNC)
        • Prospect Import - Custom Attributes (Requested by Cliff)
    • Academics
      • Bug Fixes
        • Class - if students are enrolled in a class, prevent changing of term, due to billing impacts (Reported by ANU)
        • Class Dropped Issue (Reported by ANU)