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Status of roster

What does the status column on the class roster mean? Would it be possible to make it show that a student is preregistered (pending?) without having to produce a PDF of proposed enrollees?

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Status for Roster

From Academics>Classes>Class Details>Roster, The Status for each Student.(see attached screen shot)  This Status is the enrollment status of the class for the student and the options are Completed, Dropped, Enrolled, Waitlisted, Withdrawn. Pre-registered (pending) is not currently an option but I will request that the Proposed Students show up in a sub section of the class roster area on the screen so that you do not have to open the pdf roster to see the proposed enrollments. 

Typically you would not be looking for proposed Students in this area but rather in the Academics > Administration > Process Proposed Registrations section. 





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Class Roster Status, does not include a status for preregistered classes.
The following is the list of registered classes, status's.

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I have added a separate grid

I have added a separate grid on the roster section of the class page that will show proposed scheduled students.  This will be included in version 2.47, which will be installed soon.

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