Updates Installed on May 14, 2020 - Version 2.50


  • Degree Audit – Satisfy a class with only a reason (and no enrolled class) (Requested by APNTS)
  • Class - Roster Create Contact List available in Readonly mode
  • Class - Generate Attendance Report with all class dates (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
  • Class – Attendance default date – start with most recent completed date (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
  • Class – Bulk Print Roster Report from Search Page (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
  • Student Bulk Update – Degree Candidacy, graduation date, anticipated graduation date (Requested by APNTS)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Survey Results  (Reported by NTC-Manchester)
    • Advisor Approval/Proposed Schedule Changes (Reported by APNTS)
    • Student Major Details – Return button missing (Requested by APNTS)
    • Student Merge with Categories

Student Accounts

  • Student Portal – Make Term Stand out more (Requested by NTS)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Search Results missing Expected Entry Year
    • Error on Save after update of financial hold (Reported by NTS)
    • Cashier – Change to sort newest first (Reported by NTS)
    • Student – Account Section of Advanced Search Not Working
    • Payment return URL logging out user fixed (Reported by NTS)

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Set the created contact list for ISIR imports to a category named after the import year.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Aid Source – Awarded – Create Contact List
    • ISIR Domains – Export error
    • ISIR Domain – Export List Mapping error
    • Financial Aid Analysis – wrong term showing up (Reported by NTS)
    • Financial Aid Analysis – list should not sort

System Administration

  • Email Test button in host (Requested by NTS)
  • OPENLDAP Enhancements
    • Password reset by admin in system administrator/users
    • Password reset by user (forgotten password link on start page with security questions)
    • Forgotten password email option
    • Notify Administrator upon password change.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Forgotten Password From Email – using host email not the registrar email


  • Bug Fixes
    • Grid Sorting Dates as String not Date
    • Message Send Messages in Browser – only displays first one
    • Text areas – only grew vertically (Requested by NTS)