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Robert Rae
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Updated Report: 'Generate Attendance Report' to include all class dates

Good morning!

Could I request either an edit or a new option on the Class page. Currently we have the (very useful) Generate Attendance Report which will produce a PDF with three columns: 'Attendance' (to mark attendance), 'Name', and 'Notes'. 

To save paper (and particularly for Intensive classes) we tend to just print one sheet with a list of class dates for all classes. So the ideal report would be:


Name | Class Session #1 | Class Session #2 | Class Session #3 | etc ... |

Rob    | Empty Box           | Empty Box            | Empty Box           | etc ... |

Dave  | Empty Box           |  Empty Box            | Empty Box          | etc ... |


Of course, what would also be really lovely is the ability to print these in bulk for a given term!





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@ Robert Rae


We have added it to our feature request list.  We will reach out if we need any more details.



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*GNECsis Support Specialist*

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Included in Version 2.50

Changed grid to show 20 results instead of 10.  This should cover the majority of classes I think.  If there are more than 20, a next button will show.

Of the 20, it will show what it can on the screen, and the rest show at the plus sign.

Added an Export to Excel option that will export everything in the grid (up to the 20 dates).  If there are more than 20 dates, you will need to hit next and then export that page too.

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