Updates Installed on August 27, 2020 - Version 2.56

  • General
    • Bug Fixes
      • Timestamp - Fix incorrect date/time issues
      • Make Preferred Button - now shows next to each email address and not just the ones that are not preferred.  (Reported by NTS
      • Person Search Bug (Reported by NTS)
      • emailAddress break on AD sync (Reported by NTS)
      • Remove old sessions if user already logged in when arriving at login page 
      • Chinese characters on reports  (Reported by TNTC)
      • Password Updates for Active Directory and OpenLDAP (Reported by NTC-SA and NTS)
    • New Features
      • Student Data Permission (Requested by NTS)
        • Adding "Student Data Permission Required" checkbox and "Student Data Permission Text" textbox to Host.  If this box is checked and text filled in, a prospect/applicant or a student entering the portal will be shown the "Student Data Permission Text" and be asked to agree in order to continue.  If they do chose not to agree, they will not be able to enter the portal.  When they click "agree", the date/time they accepted will be stamped on to their record.  THis date will then show in Prospect > Demographics >profile and Student > Demographics > Profile.    This field is also added the STudent Permissions report.

          Made it flexible and non-specific to GDPR so that it could work for various countries. 

      • Next/Previous through Contact Lists 
        • From a search page, if you click on an item (Student, Class, Employee, etc), you can now work through the list without going back to the search page, using next and previous buttons
      • Easier access to email individuals
        • On the page for a person, prospect, alumni, student, employee, instructor, etc if they have a preferred email address, there is an "Email" button that will allow you to send an email through the system to that individual.
      • Version Number (Requested by NTS)
        • The current version number of GNECsis will now show in the footer of each page.  
      • Student Change History Additional Information (Requested by NTS)
        • Show whenever the status, classification, residency status, financial hold flag, or anticipated graduation date changes.  This will be for available for all future changes.  
      • Profile page
        • The photo and name in the left navigation are now a link to a profile page (same profile page that existed before on faculty and student portals)
        • Change Password and Emergency contact info links have been moved from left navigation to the profile page
        • New profile page created for staff portal
      • Report/Query Updates
        • New Menu on Reports pages
        • Advanced Query tool updates
      • Document Management - Allows you to upload documents tied to individuals and classes.  For more information, click the Document Management link in your Help section of GNECsis.
  • Admissions
    • Prospect - Minor alignment adjustment (Requested by NTS)
    • Import of Prospect Data from Excel/CSV file (Requested by SANU/NTS)
  • Academics
    • Bug Fixes
      • Recurring Contact List Issue (Reported by SANU)
      • Instructor Note not showing for final student on a class (Reported by LKH)
      • Degree Candidacy Save Error (Reported by APNTS)
      • Enrolled Student Report Optimization (Requested by NTS)
      • Print Grade Report Error (Requested by APNTS)
    • New Features
      • IPEDS Ethnicity Access to Questions in Read Only Mode (Requested by NTS) (US Specific)
      • HESA Updates (UK Specific)
        • Carer Value
        • 2019/2020 Report Field Additions
      • Student - Add Emergency Contact Info (Requested by NTS)
      • Class
        • Split into two pages.  General and Additional Information
        • Add Email option next to lead professor 
        • Search by options for "Instructor has submtted books" and "Instructor has not submitted books" (Requested by NTS)
        • If student taking class for a different college than they are in, use the grade scale for that college if different (Requested by NTC-Manchester)
        • Attendance/Session Updates
          • Add "Update Session Dates" to Main page for quicker access to session maintenance
          • Add "Delete Selected" option to "Update SEssion Dates" page for easier clean up 
          • Make "Schedule Select" and "Add Custom Schedule" create empty records if no other attendance sessions exist
          • Existing sessions will not be removed/updated with schedule changes.  Use "update session dates" to remove existing.
          • Removed "Closed" attendance error to allow for update of attendance to older classes.
  • Student Accounts
    • Bug Fixes
      • Billing Issues
      • Student - Add Emergency Contact Info (Requested by NTS)
      • Error adding fee eligible courses to TR Code 
      • Delete Historic Profile Error
    • New Features
      • Add Major to Student Search
      • Billing for Contact List enhancements (Requested by NTS)
      • Default billing year from prospect initial entry year for new students (Requested by NTS)
      • Show Course Number and Section in Billables section 
      • If Student Accounts enabled in host, when a student registers for classes, a student account profile will be created if it doesnt exist (Requested by NTS)
      • Transaction Codes by Term - Add Copy From button
  • Financial Aid
    • Bug Fixes
      • Source - Award values not calculating for all terms (Reported by NTS)
    • New Features
      • Student - Add Emergency Contact Info (Requested by NTS)
      • Make Rule Code a Pick List (FA_RuleCode)
      • Student - Add Date Accepted to Student SEarch (Requested by NTS)
      • Disbursement Detail - reorder grid fields (Requested by NTS)



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