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Add GDPR langauge to application and also some internal check box

After talking with Jeff, I think there needs to be a GDPR/privacy check box on the application so the applicant can opt into our holding and using their information. He may be the language to use.


Since we have not had that in teh past, we will probably need some sort of check box for existing users. Maybe like the FERPA pop up or something so we can document consent.

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GDPR Update

This has been added to the list of items to implement.  


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Version 2.56

Adding "Student Data Permission Required" checkbox and "Student Data Permission Text" textbox to Host.  If this box is checked and text filled in, a prospect/applicant or a student entering the portal will be shown the "Student Data Permission Text" and be asked to agree in order to continue.  If they do chose not to agree, they will not be able to enter the portal.  When they click "agree", the date/time they accepted will be stamped on to their record.  THis date will then show in Prospect > Demographics >profile and Student > Demographics > Profile.    This field is also added the STudent Permissions report.

Made it flexible and non-specific to GDPR so that it could work for various countries. 

This will be included in version 2.56, the next version to be installed.

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