Updates Installed on June 18, 2020 - Version 2.52


  • Search
    • Include Email Address (where applicable) in search results (and export) (Requested by LKH)
    • Search Result Increase
      • Prospect, Student, and Class increase from 400 to 500
      • Other search results increase from 400 to 1000


  • Bug Fixes
    • Survey text fields truncated on results pdf and excel (Reported by NTC-Manchester)

Student Accounts

  • Bug Fixes
    • Aging Report - remove blank lines
    • Aging Report - Last Payment and Last Activity not showing
    • Generated Transactions missing term
  • Generate bills for a group of students (Requested by NTS)
  • Chart of Accounts Import (Requested by APNTS)
  • Add Exclude from Aging flag on transaction, that will not include transactions with this code on the aging report (Requested by NTS)

Financial Aid

  • Bug Fixes
    • Edit Source Error
    • COD File Import Adjustment
  • Add NOT EFA award type and remove from Total Award in need calculation

Student Portal

  • Change the way fees are posted for electronic payments (Requested by NTS)

System Administration

  • Language
    • Add option for schools to export official language file to view translations.  Updates to official translations can be emailed to
    • Add options for schools to export and import custom language files that are specific to their institution.