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Inclusion of Email in Contact List Excel Export

When saving a contact list through 'Academics' it would be really useful if the Excel export included the e-mail address. At present, it does not show this, with the only option of emailing being via GNECsis (we don't have this set up) and, even then, it does not allow the entire list to be emailed in one block (It seems to limit the number of email addresses to around 100-120).

Is this feature something that you can add, so that we can distribute contact lists, as Excel files, including emails addresses, to associate staff who do not have access to GNECsis, and so that we are able to use the Excel lists to email through our usual channels?

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It appears this will be included in the Version 2.52  update!  Let us know if you need more functionality after the update.


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By the way, email is set up

By the way, email is set up on your server.  You should be able to use GNECsis to send emails as well.

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