Updates Installed on February 6, 2020

Version 2.42


  • Add limit merge back to person, only allowed if both are only prospects


  • Start date/time and end date/time on attendance sessions (bug fix)
  • Student Surveys Not Submitting (bug fix)
  • Manually repeat class (bug fix)
  • Copy HESA data on Student Major Degree Track Switch (bug fix) – UK Specific
  • Student Search – Make “Include Completed Degree Tracks” the default.
  • Withdrawn Student Report – only freeze top row (bug fix)

Student Accounts

Updated Installed on November 5, 2019


  • Show more informative error messages if an email fails


  • Fix formatting on application print out


  • If student enrolled in a class after the class end date, an email will not be sent to professor or student accounts
  • Class – change grid heading of xfer crs to Cross Reference
  • Waiting Lists
  • Attendance bug fix

Student Accounts

Updated Installed on October 31, 2019

  • Updated Style and Improved handling on mobile devices – Student, Faculty, and Alumni Portals
    • If you log in to the student, faculty or alumni portals, you will notice a major change to the styles.  These sections were done first as they are the most likely to be accessed by a mobile device.
    • In general, the layout of the body of the page is the same, but the menu is now down the side and can be hidden. 
    • Grids will shrink on mobile devices, and you can press the + sign to see the additional columns.  

Updates Installed on September 19, 2019

  • Report
    •  Ched Enrollment Reports - add Government Recognition Number from Report ID field on Degree Track (Phillippines)
    • Optimize Student Degree Report
  • Academics
    • On Class, grades not defaulting, bug fixed
    • On Class, withdrawn grade bug fix
    • Degree Track, new filter options
    • Academics/Instructor - Add grant access section.  This allows staff with appropriate permission to set up access for an employee to an instructor’s portal (teacher’s assistant, etc)
    • Survey – Bug fix and Thank You page clean up