New Forum Post Status - Task Created

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have added a new status for Forum posts, Task Created.  When a Forum post has this status, it means that the GNECsis team has determined that more research on this post needs to be done and a task has been created internally to look in to it.  

Below is an overview of all statuses for posts directed at the GNECsis team:

Open - Conversation has begun.  No action taken yet.

Closed - General conversation.  Discussion has been completed, and thus conversation is now closed.

  • General
    • Bugs Fixed
      • Help - Custom Help File Link 
      • Export of Official Translations
    • Additional Features
      • Person Merge - Combine Note Fields
  • Academics
    • Bugs Fixed
      • Search - Update Selected for Degrees (Reported by APNTS)
      • Search - Register Selected (Reported by SANU)
      • Class Grades Report Error
      • Transcript in Chinese (Reported by TNTC)
      • Student List Report Errors
      • Clarify Campus Error
      • Class Search Course Name (Reported by ITNNTI)