Updates Installed on October 30, 2018

  • Processing of Online Payments – This allows online payments to a student’s account or for an application fee for the online application. GNECsis works with First Data’s Payeezy Hosted Payment processor.  I am not sure which international markets it works with, but if you are interested, please investigate getting a merchant account set up with them.  Once this is set up, we can help you connect it to GNECsis.
  • Financial Aid Updates (US Only)
  • Report Updates
    • Add Ethnicity to Enrollment Report
    • Add Books to Class List Report

Updated Installed on September 14, 2018

  • Admissions Portal and Online Application – Since each school has a different application requesting different information, this will require some initial programming configuration. If you are interested in using this feature in the future, please email a copy of your application so that I can add the necessary fields that don’t already exist.  Features listed below
    • Online Application
    • Customized sections, text, and fields
    • Print Application option
    • Optional CAPTCHA to prevent spam