GNECsis During the Pandemic

This morning during a chapel service, the speaker was reflecting upon how the work of the Lord has continued around the world during the pandemic. 

So, I began looking at how GNECsis worked during COVID. 

Before Covid, we physically went to each school to do deployment. From August 2016 to the end of 2019 (3 ½ years), we as a team were able to deploy 8 schools. 

When Covid hit, we had to pivot.  We began doing all of the work over zoom. This work took a lot more time.  Dana and Priscila have joined the team and done amazing work, and having multiple people training has allowed us to be training multiple schools at a time.   

In the last 2-2 ½ years, in the middle of a global pandemic, we have completed deployment to 9 additional schools and have 4 additional schools are currently in progress. 

Schools are changing, and GNECsis has been able to change along with them to continue meeting needs.