Multiple Campuses/Sites

I just launched a new feature that was requested by our schools in South America, and it is now tested and available for you to use as well.

GNECsis allows you to set up multiple campuses.  If you offer classes in other locations other than the main campus, you can set them up as a campus location, and then assign buildings/rooms, standard schedules, classes, professors, prospects and students to that campus.  This will allow you to track enrollment, etc per campus.

GNECsis Available in Spanish

We are putting the finishing touches on the Spanish version of GNECsis, and we are beginning the process of deploying this system to our schools in South America.  The seminary in Argentina will be the first school to use the new Spanish version.  They are currently preparing their data, and should begin officially using the system later this year.


Second Installation

Next week, we will begin the installation process for the second time.  This one will be at Southern Africa Nazarene University in Manzini, Swaziland.  This will be a two part installation with second part happening in January 2017.  We would like to welcome SANU, and look forward to adding more schools in the future.  This site should be a place of collaboration and learning together.  Please post in questions you have or things that you have learned so that we can grow together.