Updates Installed on September 5, 2019

This update includes a few enhancements, but in general, the big things should be invisible.  We have upgraded the underlying system that GNECsis is built on, and while doing so, we went through and fixed a few related bugs (as well as a few unrelated bugs we found along the way).   Here are the other updates that are included:



This week we held a training in Manchester, England for Nazarene Theological College - Manchester (NTC-Manchester), Luther King House, and Cliff College.  NTC-Manchester has now officially begun using the system, and the other two schools will be transitioning to it in the coming months. It has been a pleasure to work with these great schools.  Join me in welcoming them. 

Updates Installed on July 17, 2019

Overall – Add ability to include attachments on emails from the system


  • Prospect Requirements change icon to only show in edit mode
  • Application Settings - Add Reference Email Subject, Text, and Files to Send to References
  • Admissions Portal - If reference exists, they have an email address, and it is configured in application settings, send an email to reference when application submitted