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possible bug in student portal

In viewing how the student account looks through their portal I am not clear on what some of the dates are used for.  Specifically the Balance as of 08/16/2020, this is confusing for some of our students, they thought it was the due date of the bill.  When I view a students bill in the student accounts module it displays the date for the semester that is set up in annual administration for the transaction date.  Is there a way to instead show the date that the charges are generated as this is also confusing to some of our students, they question why the bill is due the day that it shows applied to their account.  Example I have generated some fall charges already and the date on the students account is 08/24/2020

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I understand the issues you are having but I need help on what the right solution should be. I will email you so we can work out a meeting time to go over this in detail.


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Version 2.54

This has been resolved and included in version 2.54

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