Updated Installed on November 5, 2019


  • Show more informative error messages if an email fails


  • Fix formatting on application print out


  • If student enrolled in a class after the class end date, an email will not be sent to professor or student accounts
  • Class – change grid heading of xfer crs to Cross Reference
  • Waiting Lists
  • Attendance bug fix

Student Accounts

Updated Installed on October 31, 2019

  • Updated Style and Improved handling on mobile devices – Student, Faculty, and Alumni Portals
    • If you log in to the student, faculty or alumni portals, you will notice a major change to the styles.  These sections were done first as they are the most likely to be accessed by a mobile device.
    • In general, the layout of the body of the page is the same, but the menu is now down the side and can be hidden. 
    • Grids will shrink on mobile devices, and you can press the + sign to see the additional columns.  

Updates Installed on September 19, 2019

  • Report
    •  Ched Enrollment Reports - add Government Recognition Number from Report ID field on Degree Track (Phillippines)
    • Optimize Student Degree Report
  • Academics
    • On Class, grades not defaulting, bug fixed
    • On Class, withdrawn grade bug fix
    • Degree Track, new filter options
    • Academics/Instructor - Add grant access section.  This allows staff with appropriate permission to set up access for an employee to an instructor’s portal (teacher’s assistant, etc)
    • Survey – Bug fix and Thank You page clean up

Updates Installed on September 5, 2019

This update includes a few enhancements, but in general, the big things should be invisible.  We have upgraded the underlying system that GNECsis is built on, and while doing so, we went through and fixed a few related bugs (as well as a few unrelated bugs we found along the way).   Here are the other updates that are included: