Multiple Campuses/Sites

I just launched a new feature that was requested by our schools in South America, and it is now tested and available for you to use as well.

GNECsis allows you to set up multiple campuses.  If you offer classes in other locations other than the main campus, you can set them up as a campus location, and then assign buildings/rooms, standard schedules, classes, professors, prospects and students to that campus.  This will allow you to track enrollment, etc per campus.

GNECsis Available in Spanish

We are putting the finishing touches on the Spanish version of GNECsis, and we are beginning the process of deploying this system to our schools in South America.  The seminary in Argentina will be the first school to use the new Spanish version.  They are currently preparing their data, and should begin officially using the system later this year.


First Installation

At the beginning of August 2016, we completed the first installation of the GNECsis system at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in the Philippines.  The system currently consists of three portals.  The staff portal has the ability to track admissions, academics/registrar, and human resources information.  The instructor portal allows instructors to register advisees, view class information, update grades and attendance, and communicate with their students.

Development Update

The project team continues to work on the conversion of the OpenCUAS desktop product to be fully web-based for ease of use, deployment and support at our schools across the world that are interested in using the product.