Updates Installed July 31, 2018

  • FERPA – Added FERPA information in to the staff portal, so that individuals know which of the student’s relatives can have access to the student’s information.  This is also updateable in the student portal for the student to update.  (US Schools Only)
  • Add clearinghouse fields to degree major and degree track (US Schools Only)
  • Book Tracking – This allows the registrar’s office to add books to a course or a class, as well as see which courses or classes have used a given book.   The previous book text field is still available for the registrar or the instructor to update if there are other notes or book updates.  This information is shown on the student and instructor portal as well.  For a given book, you can enter title, author, ISBN, library info (if it is available in your library, you can add a link or other library type info), purchase info (whether the school has a bookstore, or could be a link to amazon or other info), and description.  You can continue to use the previous system (text field editable by both registrar and instructor) or new system (adding/tracking individual books by registrar’s office) or a combination.
  • Average Age – On the Enrollment Comparison report, the average age of your students for each semester/year is now shown along with the other enrollment breakdowns.
  • Transcript – Add option to include enrolled classes
  • Add option to hide contact info from other students (checkbox on Profile page in Student Portal)
  • Link Student detail page to faculty class roster and student list in faculty portal (so they can see pictures, if uploaded).
  • Search pages – change ‘Save as Contact List’ to ‘Save Selected as Contact List’.  This will make it easier to create smaller lists.
  • Add ‘Hide on Transcript’ option to degree track.  This will allow for internal programs such as course of study
    • Course of Study – if you wish to track a student’s progress on the course of study, you can set it up as a separate degree track, and add students to it.  By using the checkbox above, you can make it so that the course of study is for internal tracking only, and won’t show on official transcripts.  For more info, see “Academics – Course of Study” under Help.
  • Fix bug on saving of user record.