Updates Installed July 26, 2018

  • Add Host (school wide) level permissions – This will allow you to turn off non-required top level (home page) sections.    This can be done from System Administration > Host
    • Staff/admin portal – Student life, student accounts, constituency, development (not yet available), and financial aid (not yet available) may be turned off.  Admissions, academics, HR, and System Administration are required and may not be turned off school wide but may still be disabled for a given user group.
    • Instructor portal – Advisees, classes, final exams, prospects, students, and administration may be turned off.  The Instructor Portal as a whole may be turned off.
    • Student portal – Classes, Progress, Student Accounts, Final Exams, Profile, and Resources may be turned off.  The Student Portal as a whole may be turned off.
  • Hide top level (home page) sections that the user does not have access to (reads host level permissions first and then reads the user/group permissions for the staff portal).  Previously, the images for these sections were visible, but you would get an “Access not allowed” message.  With this change, this allows your staff/students/instructors to only see the top level sections that you want them to see.  On the staff portal, links to the subsections within an area will still show, and will still give an “Access not allowed” message if they do not have at least read access to that subsection.
  • Add new exam score fields to admissions exams
  • Fix bug in prospect requirement report, as well as similar error on Dorm and Visa reports
  • Improve speed on Student List in Faculty Portal as well as User list on Staff portal
  • Fix bug in chapel schedule
  • Fix Full Time/Part Time Calculation