Updates Installed on July 17, 2019

Overall – Add ability to include attachments on emails from the system


  • Prospect Requirements change icon to only show in edit mode
  • Application Settings - Add Reference Email Subject, Text, and Files to Send to References
  • Admissions Portal - If reference exists, they have an email address, and it is configured in application settings, send an email to reference when application submitted


  • Administration - Student Portal Form Administration (make file name a link to view)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Transfer/waiver updates
    • Enrolled Student report
    • OPALS Patron list language issue
    • Student > Academics when returning
    • Class deletion
  • Reports
    • Transcript Updates (Costa Rica)
    • FERPA Report
    • Class Grade Report, add percentages when exists
    • Enrolled Students - Add earned credits and attempted credits
    • Classes by Term - Add class start and end dates
  • Student
    • Add classification to student search results
    • Make search results sortable
    • Add advanced search by degree
    • Add permission to Bulk Transcript button.  If they have access to transcript section on student, they have access to this.
    • Add option to bulk enroll a list of students to  a class (from Bulk Update button on student search)
    • Show Average Percent instead of GPA (if option selected in Host)
    • Audit – Hide satisfied button if already satisfied, and show satisfied details on degree audit main page
    • Email Student Accounts and Instructor if added after deadline or student withdraws.

Student Accounts

  • Refund Schedule
  • Bug fix for students without profile

Financial Aid

  • Add Transcript options
  • Academic Standing Report
  • Add Source of ‘Federal ISIR Import’ when creating ISIR to ease searching
  • Remove COA Template blank fields
  • Bug Fix
    • Awarding aid disbursement not showing third term option
    • Student search using categories
    • Disbursement Changes with wrong period

System Administration

  • Add option to limit address/email updates for employees
  • Groups – Make Staff List Sortable
  • Report – Add report of security settings from Groups page
  • Language – picklist translation bug fix
  • Host - Add option to show average percent instead of GPA

Student Portal

  • Allow students to propose a profile pic (will send it to the registrar)
  • Show multiple instructors on class lists

Faculty Portal

  • Advisee bug fix
  • Show multiple instructors on class lists