Updates Installed July 16, 2018

  • Add “instructor note to students” field on class in instructor portal.  Way for instructor to give any general notes about the class to students. Text field appears on student’s schedule.
  • Add “Scheduling Note” field for registrar to complete on class page.  This text field allows the registrar to make professors and students aware of any special scheduling issues for the class.  Will show on list of the instructor’s classes, list of student’s classes, list of available classes, and on the pre-registration page completed by students/instructors.
  • Add search by family name, given name, and classification on student list on instructor portal
  • Add “Request Update” form on Profile page on Student portal.  If a student sees their information (address, email, etc) are incorrect, they can complete a form and it will email the changes to the registrar to make any changes necessary.  The changes are not made to GNECsis directly.  Allows the registrar to change GNECsis and any other systems that may need to be changed.
  • Student Self-Registration – if the “Allow Student Self Registration” flag is checked in host, it will allow the student to create their own proposed schedule (or pre-registration).  If you also require advisor approval for the student, the system will email their advisor, and their advisor can go in, make any necessary changes and approve it as needed, before it is sent to the registrar (same as before).  If advisor approval is not required, the proposed schedule will go directly to the registrar for finalization.  This will allow the student to do some of the prep work on their schedule, if student self-registration is enabled.  This is optional, and you will need to turn it on if you wish to enable it.
  • Rename exam score “Verbal” to “Verbal/Speaking”
  • Add degree minor track handling
  • Additional handling for US Schools
    • flag in host for US school
    • Add IPEDs ethnicity for prospects/students
    • Add flag in host for Government id is a social security number.  This will provide additional security handling for the SSN.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Prospect save, committee decision flag was being reset
    • Opals Patrol list, export file bug
    • Classroom custom session, time format fix