Updates Installed May 9, 2018

  • Campus Merge/Duplicate – Allows you to merge or duplicate campuses, in order to give better flexibility
  • New Permissions – In System Administration > Groups, there is now a third level of permissions that you can use.
    • Areas – Admissions, Academics, HR (Buttons on front page)
    • Sections – Within each area there are sections, such as in Academics, there is Students, Courses, Classes, Instructors, etc (navigation bar within each area)
    • Controls – This is new.  This is within each section, such as in Students, there is Schedule, Schedule Changes, Transcripts, Address & Contact Info, and more.  These are the open/close sections on the pages.  You can now restrict/hide access to these control areas.  This will give you a little more control over the pages.
  • User Issues – One of our other schools found some errors on the user list and assigning a group to a user.  These have now been fixed.
  • Proposed Schedules (Advisees) – Reorganized the page, and added ability to generate schedule by student for a specific term.