Updates Installed May 17, 2018

  • Number of Results on Search – I have added the display of the number of results returned on a search.  You will also see the number of results found in each of your saved contact lists.
  • Increase Maximum Results on Searches – Previously, the maximum results on a search was 200.  I have increased this to 400.
  • Increased Speed on Advance Searches
  • Allow Blank Lead Instructor on Class – previously it would appear that the first professor alphabetically was selected on a class if no professor was chosen.  This has been fixed, so you can now leave it blank if you choose.
  • Add Ability to Change Grade on Student – In Student > Schedule, when you click update for a term, it will show you all of the classes they are registered for.  If you click update next to a student’s class, on the same page where you can select audit, or other updates, you can now update a student’s grade for that class.  You can also select a grade change reason.  This will allow you to keep a record of why grades were changed for a student.  If you want more options under grade change reason, you can update the picklist in System Administration.