GNECsis at Nazarene General Assembly

Last General Assembly in 2017, GNECsis had just begun, and only 2-3 schools were using it.  As we prepare for this General Assembly, we recently completed training at our 20th school!  We would like to use this time together as best as possible. I know schedules during General Assembly are often busy, so wanted to get this on your calendars early. Please pass the information along to your school leaders that will be at General Assembly.

Saturday morning, June 10 (In Room ICC 115)

9-10:30 (English) – This would be good for those who don’t know about GNECsis as well as those who are using GNECsis.   I will give a brief overview of GNECsis and its capabilities.  I will also show a few of the newer features that we have added to GNECsis.  If any existing schools want to give a brief statement about how they use GNECsis, and the benefits they have seen, I would love that.  We will then have a time of question and answer, and hopefully we can all learn from one another.

10:30-12 (Spanish) – same as above, but I will conduct the entire thing in Spanish for our Spanish speaking schools.

Sunday afternoon, June 11 (In Room ICC 115)

1-2pm – If a school is unable to attend the Saturday session, or wants 1 on 1 question time, I will be available during this slot for any additional questions, etc

Look forward to seeing you there!