Updates in Version 2.85v2

  • Admissions
    • Bug Fixes
      • Application Evaluation - Exam Results hide subjects with no courses, fix save issue.
    • Additional Features
      • Application Settings - add optional section for each custom attribute to allow display in each section
      • Application Evaluation 
        • Make multi-page to match online application (Requested by APNTS/SANU)
        • Add Section drop down to allow for easier evaluation - saves draft, does not validate
  • Admissions
    • Bug Fixes
      • Prospect Import - custom field and duplicate issus
      • Prospect Import - update issue
      • Application Sent Email - Fix Length Issue
    • Additional Features
      • Application Settings - Add Instructional Text field option for each custom field (Requested by SANU/APNTS)
      • Application Settings - Add ability to include Given Name, Family Name or Preferred Name in Application Sent Email
      • Application Settings - add display of section name for each field

GNECsis at Nazarene General Assembly

Last General Assembly in 2017, GNECsis had just begun, and only 2-3 schools were using it.  As we prepare for this General Assembly, we recently completed training at our 20th school!  We would like to use this time together as best as possible. I know schedules during General Assembly are often busy, so wanted to get this on your calendars early. Please pass the information along to your school leaders that will be at General Assembly.

Saturday morning, June 10 (In Room ICC 115)