New GNECsis Schools

It has been a while since we have shared our newest GNECsis schools.  

In 2023,

Instituto Biblico Nazareno - Guatemala

Nazarene Theological College - Australia/New Zealand (International Campuses)

Seminario Teologico Nazareno de SudAmerica - Ecuador

Nazarene Theological College Central Africa - Malawi

Seminario Teologico Nazareno - Guatemala


In 2024,

Iglesia del Nazareno en Mexico Seminario A.R. - Mexico

ITN/NTI - Southern Africa Region (Madagascar, Liberia, Nigeria)

  • General
    • Bug Fixes
      • LoggedInTask Issue
      • Log out issue
    • Additional Features
      • Language Characteristic set up
      • Document Response Updates
  • Academics
    • Bug Fixes
      • Class - Delete Roster Person bug
      • Wednesday Translation Bug 
    • Additional Features
      • Grade Entry - Add button to move faculty grades to blank grades, to assist with late grades (Requested by EuNC)
  • Admissions
    • Additional Features
      • Church - Add multiple people to church, added search criteria of person category. (Requested by NTC-SA)
      • Prospect Search - add is ln list Id searches (Requested by NTC-SA)
      • Document Response - added option for responses to documents, if enabled (Requested by EuNC) - this is true for all prospect areas in the system.
  • Academics
    • Bug Fixes
      • Doc Merge - student note formatting issue (Reported by NTC-SA)
      • Grade - Instructor Grade defaulting issue 
  • General
    • Additional Features
      • Search
        • Remove from List button - if the search results were loaded from a saved list, the remove button will remove them from that saved list without needing to click save list. (Requested by EuNC)
        • If save list is loaded, list name is read only and 'Save Selected as Contact List' is hidden
      • Moved Legal Name from Student to Person
      • Person - Tracking of Changes to Important Fields (Requested by EuNC)
    • Potential Action Item
      • Moodle Export Configuration - new options were added to moodle export configuration as to whether to Unenroll Dropped Students and Unenroll Withdrawn Students.  If you use moodle export, please review your configuration and make any necessary changes
    • General
      • Bug Fixes
        • Contact List - rename/redisplay issues (Reported by EuNC)
        • Document Management bug fixes
        • Change password issue (Reported by APNTS)
      • Additional Features