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Remove Pick List on Previous Schools

I had failed to post this question. The Registrar's Office has appealed to take the pick list off of previous schools attended for Prospects. Only a handful of prior institutions will be used repeatedly. It would be better to have this field be blank. Entering the prior schools into a pick list on a separate form has proven to be cumbersome.

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That isn’t possible.  There

That isn’t possible.  There is too much information that can potentially be tied to a school, such as transferred credits etc.  But, I noticed that there currently isn’t a way to add a new school directly from the school search page.  So, I can add a “new” button to that page like I have in other places, so since name is all that is required, I think it would make a good alternative solution.  If that is acceptable, I will add it to the list of enhancements.



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