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refund percentage not caculating correctly


I had a student that dropped from 13 hours to 10 today and they should have received a 50% refund for the class which totals $795.00.  As you will see the amount of hours did not change on when I generated charges on his student billing account as it was not changing his amount when I used the advanced search feature.  I have attached 3 different screen shots. one of his schedule, one of his student billing record and one of the detail after I generated the charges for the term.  According to my calculations his charges should be $6,420.00 before his scholarships

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Thank you for taking the time to give so much detail.  I will look into it and see what the issue is.


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Version 2.58

Thanks for letting us know.  A fix for this will be in version 2.58, the next version to be released.

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