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New Advanced Search field


I was wondering if we could have an option added to the advance search for students account that will allow me to choose a term in which there are academic changes.  I used the advanced search yesterday to get a list of students that has enrolled in the SP21 semester and I got many results that there was not actually any changes.

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Term Related academic changes

I have added this to the requested features. 

Here is some background on how it currently works, for others that may not know.

When a change is saved in Academics to a students classes whether it is a add, delete, or change of status from active to withdrawn the system sets a flag of academic change.  It is not tied to the transaction but rather is tied to the student.  In student accounts you can search for students that have this academic changes flag set.  When you run group billing or billing within the student account record this flag is set off so that the flagged students are only the ones who have not had their bills run/checked.


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