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Verification Landing Page

Good morning! We would like to implement a landing page that requires students to complete verification before registering for courses. This would be a yearly requirement for students, and in order to register for courses, they would need to complete this page in their portal. We want to have them update their address, denomination, verify their degree programs, and agree to the FERPA policy and learning covenant. The content for this landing page is under construction, but I wanted to submit the feature request to see if this is something you all could build for us and have up and running by October 1st, 2019. Thank you! 

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Thanks for your input this sounds similar

Thanks for your input this sounds similar to an item that is already on your list of future enhancements, that would require yearly verification of their data. Will add these details to that item.

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I have just finished an update that will be included ...

I have just finished an update that will be included in the next release.  
In host, if ‘Self Registration’ is turned on, you now have an additional option to ‘Require Profile Verification before Self-Registration’ (must turn on if you wish to use it).  If this option is turned on, a student can submit their registration to the registrar, it will first take them to a page to verify their profile information.  From there, they can ”Submit Schedule for Review. No Profile Changes Needed.’ or Submit Schedule and Profile Changes for Review’.  This will then submit their registration (same as before), and if they have profile changes, it will submit them in an email to the registrar (same as the ‘Request Update’ option currently in profile).  Basically, I incorporated the profile update page in to the schedule submission process.
In addition, I redid the profile request update page.  There is now the option to update name, email, home phone, cellphone, denomination, birthdate, marital status, primary address, other addresses (in text box), degree information (in text box), permission updates (made immediately and not included in request, includes hide contact info in student directory and ferpa relationships, if relationships set up by administration for this person), and other updates general box. This should allow you to review their requested updates.  Make them if they seem appropriate, or contact them back if additional forms or information is required.
If you have any other fields that you would like added to this page, please submit a new feature request page.



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