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Transcript of Records for Immigration & CHED purposes

July 5, 2018
Hi, Kindra!
Early in June we sent you a request about the need to print an official transcript for students as required by Philippine Immigration and CHED. You have answered it though, but now I wanted to open the request again. As you know, the great challenge for us comes at the beginning of each semester when more than fifty perccent of our students are international and we have to produce transcripts for them for Immigration purpose. Secondly, before the end of each school year we have to issue official transcripts to graduating students and just the same the courses they have registered in for the currecnt semester must appear on the transcripts even if there are no grades yet. I do understand what you were saying, but it is really taxing for us to do it manually for many students.  If there are only one or two each time then it won't be that many work. So, we really hope that you will be able make this change happen. Lastly, please see the attachment with a message from Jill with her suggestion.GNECSIS Transcript of Records concern
Thank you very much for your hard work to help us as always.
Judy :)

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Just installed an update that

Just installed an update that gives you the option to include enrolled classes on the transcript.

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