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TOR Template

Dear all,




From our conversations during our meeting with Dana few weeks ago, we discussed about reconstructing the look of outranscript, among many others. Please see attachment for your guide. Generally, we want to have the following in the template:


  • paper - legal size (8.5x14)
  • font - public sans
  • I want the comments at the bottom ("Not valid without the seal of APNTS and the signature of the Registrar", the grading codes, and the "Accreditation and Affiliations") to be kind of "Stapled" at the bottom.
  • You may reduce the font size of the content so everything will be printed in just one page. If you can make it more compact that will be great.
  • Please have us tick the "Include currently enrolled classes on transcript" from the transcripts in the Majors, Minors and Audits button. Currently it is only available in the Transcript button.

This is all for the moment and we are excited how things will develop in our system. Thank you very much on all the things that you do.



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Task Created


I have created a developer task to work on these items. If you can please email me directly (  the full resolution image that you attached I will share it with the developers.  The quality is really low on the post and I can not read the notes. Thanks!


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*GNECsis Support Specialist*

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Tick box

All options for Transcripts can still be found and updated within the Transcript section.  The option within majors minors and audits is a short cut.  If you click the checkbox or other options for transcripts within the Transcript section, and then click the transcript button in the majors minors and audit section, it will still obey the options chosen in the transcript section.  In order to not confuse things (since there are many options for transcripts), we would prefer to have them displayed only once on the page.

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