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Robert Rae
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Standard Classroom Schedule has changed itself?


Not sure if this is something to do with Daylight Savings Time differences in the US/UK, but for some reason between last term scheduling and this term scheduling, our Standard Classroom Schedules have all changed by an hour. I've included a screenshot to note the difference. I checked with our Admin staff and I don't think it's anything they've done (and I seem to recall I'm the one who set these up, so I'm not sure they'd even know how!), but it's happened to all the existing slots.

Now, I can certainly go in and change them back, but I just want to make sure it isn't something that will suddenly reverse itself, so everything is then an hour further back than it should be! Any ideas what's caused it/whether it will revert on its own?


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I have notified the developers to look at this. 


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Try again

I have updated the timezeone in the connection string behind the scenes, and it is now showing correctly.  Please log in again and verify that it is now correct.

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Robert Rae
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Looks good, thank-you for the

Looks good, thank-you for the help! :)

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Robert Rae
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