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Send proposed registration to accounting

Is it possible to send a notification to the business office when a program director creates a proposed schedule along with the registrar. We would like to require approval from both registrar and business office before the student is officially enrolled. 

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Financial Hold process

Notification to Business Office:  I will add a feature request to allow the business office to be sent an email when a proposed schedule is generated.

Financial Hold Process:  There is a financial hold process built into the system that allows a group of active students to be flagged as Financial Hold-No services.  This setting will block the student from registering for classes.  It will still allow advisors to make a proposed schedule but it will show up in the registrars/academics system as the student is on Financial Hold and the Registrar can select the students and send a message that they need to resolve their bills prior to being enrolled for the semester.

StudentAccounts > Administration > Financial Hold Analysis,  Is the work area in Student Accounts that allows the Financial standing to be changed in group for students.  The process would be that the finance office has a list of students that are not meeting the eligibility to enroll in classes and this list of students is updated in the Financial Hold Analysis screen prior to an open enrollment period or at another interval that a school decides to use.  As students resolve their financial hold status they can be updated in the Financial Hold Analysis screen or student by student in Student Accounts.  


Please let me know if you would like further training to use this functionality in the system.


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Screen in Student Accounts that allows finance to flag students as eligible or ineligible to register for classes due to financial standing.
Students that are on Financial Hold will show this setting when the Registrar/Academics is processing proposed schedules.
When a student is on financial hold. They see the following information when they attempt to access their class screen on the portal.

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Dana talked with Mitch.  The

Dana talked with Mitch.  The financial hold process should meet their needs once he can teach the business office how to use it. Closing this one out.

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