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Payment Page Recalculation

This is a feature request and a slight bug report.

When a student adjust the amount to be paid (ex: bill is $500, but I want to pay $250), currently if they change the amount and either do not click outside the amount box or hit tab but instead just move onto payment, it will not keep the change. 

Any way to reenginerr the box so that it refreshes autmatically without an additional click?

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This is a very good update and I have added it to the bug list for making it clearer. 

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Updates may have helped

Seems this behaviour is no longer present with the current release at least per Stephen. When one clicks anywhere outside of the box it keeps the value. If you click submit, it only sets the value in the box and you have to click submit again, but there is no way around this. Any other options we have would be more clicks for the user.

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