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Robert Rae
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Option to assign multiple Advisors


Good morning! I hope you're doing well.

Could I request the option to add multiple advisors to a student's profile? Our students are organised into 'Pastoral Care groups' (like tutor groups) which are often led by more than one member of staff, and it would be useful if both were able to use the functions of advisors, particularly emailing out easily, seeing their contact details, etc.

Additionally, our PhD students often have both their Pastoral Care group tutors, and also their Supervisors (sometimes more than one) and it would be useful to be able to add these staff members to their record as advisors in some way.

Not an urgent update, but one to put on your list if possible! 

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Multiple advisors


I have added this to the list of feature requests.  I do want to note one option that is available that has a lot of cross over to your request.

An Advisor can have an active employee designated as being able to access the Instructors Advisees/Classes.  This would allow that employee to be able to also interact with that Instructors Advisees/Classes.  This is not restrictable to a student or even a particular class and thus the employee would see all Advisees/Classes asigned to the Instructor.  This imployee will also not show up as an Advisor for a student. The main use of this is for an Academic Deen to interact with all of their students through the Advisors assigned.  To Do this follow the below instructions.

1. Go to Academics.

2. Go to top menu, Instructors.

3. Search for the Instructor/s that you want to share advisees/classes access.

4. Scroll to the bottom, "Grant Access to an Instructor's Advisees/Classes

5. Select the employee from the dropdown.

6. Select Grant..

7. Click Save at the top.

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Robert Rae
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Thanks Dana, that's helpful! 

Thanks Dana, that's helpful! 

I had considered that, but I'm not sure I want the secondary faculty member to have access to ALL of the primary's classes - in the nicest possible way, some of our faculty members will have enough on their plate figuring out how to input attendance et. al. for their own classes without other ones popping up on the list! 

Certainly no hurry on this enchancement - just one for the list.

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Robert Rae
Nazarene Theological College, Manchester (UK)