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New Billing issue


student 660001088 who is enrolled in DMN960 which has a fee equal to 1 credit hour but the charge is not reflected on their account.  Can you please check on this for me

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Version 2.62

Thanks for letting us know.  A fix for this is already included in version 2.62, to be installed later this week.

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This one is another weird one

This one is another weird one.  It appears that the course DMN960 has been added twice to your system. One is active the other is blank. The class is tied to the blank status one. The system behind the scenes is using the other course behind the scenes ID to look for a match. Thus it does not find a match because the class is tied to the other DMN960.... The right solution is for the "active" DMN960 to be deleted as it does not have any classes tied to it.  The blank status should be made active  and thus you only have one DMN960 course and the billing should work properly.

*** We have made a change in the system (that will be in the next install)  to look for the actual DMN960 name instead of the background id.  This will fix this but I think the right answer is still to remove the duplicate course as it could still cause confusion for reports and other areas of the system. Particularly the fact that the class is tied to the non active course...


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