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Need a Report on List of Course Titles and Course Codes

Dear GNECSIS Friends,
Hi!  I need a Report listing all the course titles and course codes in GNECSIS.  Please help me.
Thank you very much!
Judy :)

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The quickest way to do this

The quickest way to do this is just by doing a search on course.  If you just enter status of active and do a search, it will show you all active courses.  If you have more than 400 active courses, you can then do a search with each of the remaining first letters of the course codes to get the rest.  Then copy and paste in to an excel spreadsheet.
If you also want inactive or historical ones, you can search for those statuses as well.
If you need more information to show up on the report then what shows on the search, please attach here (click add media button) a sample copy of the columns you want to show on the report and any filters you would like, and we will add it to the list of items to do.  It will take some time to get done so I would recommend the search method for at least the short term. 

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