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Need to Query college for students

We need to query students, similar to the prospect report, that show college attended.
We need this for a report to SNU for scholarships next week. They need to know which of their students are attending.
I am assuming this is a new feature since we could run a report from prospect with this information, but did not see it for students. (Although the prospect seems to have a bug right now.)

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Their is not currently a specific query or report for this

Their is not currently a specific query or report for this information.
But, I would suggest this method instead, at least to get you your current information.  Go to Admissions > Schools.  Search for Southern Nazarene University.  Under Students, you will find any person in GNECsis that was reported as a Student at that school.  You can copy the information in to excel and get filter out any people you don’t want.  This includes alumni, students, and prospects that you have in GNECsis, as long as you have filled in the information.

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