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Need help in preparation for Online Registration

September 19, 2018
Hi, Kindra!
I would like to request if you would send me some guidelines and steps as we prepare for an Online Registration in January 2019 using GNECSIS. It will be our Second Semester 2018-19. I will really appreciate your guidance. Thank you very much for your help.
Judy :)

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There is a setting in host

There is a setting in host that must be checked to allow self registration.  Since you use advisors, the student can go on and self register, and then it would be sent to their advisor for approval.  Once the advisor has approved it, it will go to you, the registrar, as normal from an advisor.  The same flag in college term that makes a term available for advising, makes it available for self registration.  And it will turn off for the term when either you turn it off in college term, or when the add/drop date in college term has passed.

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